Important Toilet Video (Seriously)

We’re incredibly squeamish talking about this. It’s uncomfortable, so we resort to… well. Toilet humour. But our reluctance to talk about this seriously, has major consequences. Watch this. And if you want to know more, read Rose’s How to Help.

Nifty iPhone Holder [Video]

I’m forever dropping my iPhone (which suggests a major design flaw… my hands are safe) so I’d love one of these! Can’t seem to find it on sale in the UK but it’s only $15 in the US. Import opportunity for somebody! [via Etre]

Super-Waterproof Nanotechology Video

Love stuff like this. Ultra-Ever Dry uses nanotechnology to make a coating that repels water, oil, dirt… basically anything. You can get about a litre for around US$160. Almost worth getting some just for windups.

Tron Lightcycle Actually Available

Shame it seems a bit unwieldy to ride… you just want to see speed off like lightning down a highway rather than pootling around a car park, but still. Looks great. Compare its design to the version from the film below – it’s an excellent replica. What I’d love to see is somebody try and replicate the light trail effect from the back of the bike. Maybe some sort of laser projection? Might dazzle (then

[Video] AI Robots Arguing

I find this hilarious for some reason – Cornell Creative Machines Lab built an AI robot, copied and pasted to create two and then got them chatting. Much like many of their human masters they quickly started squabbling about metaphysics. [Via Mashable]